Healthy. Peaceful. Efficient. 

In perfect balance with the Sonoran desert, the villas on Ocotillo Mews are ideal sanctuaries for an active, mindful Phoenix lifestyle. Each villa embraces our climate with thoughtful indoor/outdoor connections, while next-gen protective shells and purification systems deliver year-round comfortable, healthy interiors. All while consuming a fraction of the resources of a regular house. 

New Sense of Community

When designing our first VALIhood, we set out to create a new sense of togetherness. We took inspiration from the private lanes, or mews, tucked behind London’s West End mansions. Built in the 18th and 19th centuries as coach houses, these mews homes are now coveted for their efficient layouts and traffic-free lanes perfectly suited for socializing.

Ocotillo Mews brings these pieces together in a peaceful, yet connected, urban sanctuary.